Current Projects

Winter Wheat Kill Model

We are in the process of developing a winter wheat kill model to specifically monitor the winter kill probability across the globe. This model will be built through continuous integration of data to track the 'hardness index' of crop areas to asses their risk of winter kill. 

Apple Bloom Model

The Apple Bloom Damage model uses Growing Degree Days and current/forecasted temperatures to predict apple bloom damage across the globe. This can be done in daily increments from a 24 to 168 hour forecast. This model can be customized to use whatever temperature threshold the customer would like to use. 

Road Weather


Our road weather project will work to integrate current and future weather to asses road conditions across the United States. Following validation of the road weather conditions this model can be applied to other regions across the globe. 

Power Outage Model


Our power outage model is currently in work. This model considers several weather variables across all seasons to account for tropical systems, severe thunderstorms, ice storms, blizzards, etc. 

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