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Daily Analysis

Daily Analysis Map
Daily analysis products are produced by METCON using data from the previous day to assess weather events, temperature impact, and to estimate degree days across the globe.
Weather Event Summary


METCON analyzes daily data in order to report temperature records, temperature firsts, heavy precipitation events and a multitude of other informational statistics. These record and event reports are available globally and can be viewed on our weather event map.

Temperature Analysis


The daily temperature analysis plots the previous day's high and low temperature as well  as the departure from normal. This data is available globally and is updated daily on our daily temperature analysis map.

Precipitation Analysis

METCON provides various precipitation estimate resources . These resources are available historically with the previous day's analysis updated daily on our precipitation analysis map.

Degree Day Analysis

METCON's daily processes include an estimation of daily and cumulative heating, cooling, and growing degree days. Our current estimated degree day data are mapped using our daily degree day map which is updated daily.

Watershed Analysis


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