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Weekly Analysis Reports

Weekly Analysis

Weekly analysis reports are updated every Monday and can be created for any region or country across the world. These reports include an analysis of last week's weather and forecast data for the upcoming week.
Click on any of the highlighted regions in the map below to view this week's report.
Weekly Analysis Products

Weekly Analysis Products

Tailored Text Discussion

Each weekly analysis product includes a text weather summary and forecast discussion written by one of our Meteorologists. This portion of the report outlines the temperatures and precipitation trends and any other significant weather that occurred during the previous week.  The text also includes and temperature and precipitation forecast focused on the area specified in the report.

Review of Previous Week's Weather


Maps of the region of interest are provided to give a spatial representation of the previous week's weather trends. These products include the past week's temperature departure, precipitation departure, and total rainfall. Additional analysis products can be added if desired.

Forecast of Upcoming Week's Weather

Forecast maps and charts are included to indicate upcoming temperature trends or precipitation events for the next seven days. Daily high and low temperature maps as well as forecast temperature and precipitation charts are a part of the weekly update report.  Other forecast products are available and can be added to the weekly update as requested. 

Weather Analysis

Several analytical charts are provided including our 'two week charts', 'three week charts' and cumulative/difference degree day charts. The three week charts illustrate the weather observations/estimates for the past two weeks as well as the forecast for the next seven days compared to typical.  

Seasonal Overview

The weekly analysis reports also include seasonal updates which include growing/heating degree day maps and charts.  These degree days are analyzed further to compare the difference between the previous year and the current year for the same season. This 'season' can be customized according to the application. Seasonal rainfall is analyzed to indicate the seasonal rainfall total, percentage of monthly rainfall, and surplus/deficit for the season. 

Climate Normals

It is important to understand the climate of a region to put the forecasted and historical weather information into context. Regional climate charts and climate maps of typical monthly precipitation and temperature are provided at the end of each weekly update 

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