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Flood Map

Daily Flood Analysis Reports

Flood analysis reports are created on a daily basis and include several meteorological parameters that influence flood risk and flood monitoring including the 5-Day flood forecast produced by our flood model.
Click on any of the locations in the map below to view today's flood report.

Flood Analysis Products

7-Day Precipitation Forecast

Total and day-by-day forecasted rainfall for the next 7 days (standard or metric) is available for any area across the globe. These maps are created using the NOAA Global Forecast System data.

5-Day Flood Forecast


The flood portion of the report includes a day by day flood forecast.  This forecast is made using our own flood model which uses satellite derived precipitation in conjunction with the NOAA GFS precipitation forecast while taking elevation into consideration.  These maps indicate flooding potential by indicating no significant flooding, possible flooding, probable flooding, flooding, or significant flooding.

Typical Monthly Precipitation

Typical monthly precipitation is included in all Flood Analysis reports. The map can be made for any/all months in standard or metric units. It is important to keep in mind the typical rainfall amount for a region when assessing flood risk during various times of the year.

Three Week Charts

Three week charts include the previous two weeks of temperature and precipitation observations as well as the forecasted weather for the next seven days as compared to the climatological normal. Other statistics  indicated on the chart include the past two weeks precipitation total, the total forecasted precipitation, temperature departure the last two weeks, forecasted temperature departure from normal, the high/low temperature for the past two weeks and for the forecasted week.

Need to monitor an area for flood risk? Set up an automated flood report today!

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