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Tropical Storm Analysis

Tropical Analysis
METCON has the ability to provide Hurricane/Typhoon updates for any tropical storm system across the globe. This report includes a tailored text forecast, the latest advisory/warning information, storm track, wind forecast, precipitation forecast, flood forecast, and a satellite image of the system. These summaries are updated automatically every six hours.

Click on storm tracks below to see the current summary. 

Historical Examples

Forecast Storm Track

The tropical update includes the forecasted storm track as forecasted by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center or the National Hurricane Center - depending on the location of the system.  This map includes the previous track, forecasted track, forecasted wind swaths, and the latest advisory information available.  

Previous 3-Day and 1-Day Precipitation 

Total precipitation for the past three days as well as the most recent day's precipitation as estimated by either TRMM (Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission) or GPM (Global Precipitation Monitoring) is also provided to asses the rainfall impact associated with the storm.

Forecast 7-Day Precipitation 


The total precipitation forecast for the next 7 days as forecasted by the Global Forecast System.  An additional text forecast overview is provided here that focuses more on the precipitation and flooding impact associated with the tropical system.

5-Day Flood Forecast

The day-by-day flood forecast is included in the tropical report to estimate the potential flood impact of the tropical system.  These forecasts are created using our flood model by categorizing the flood risk as no significant flooding, possible flooding, probable flooding, flooding, or significant flooding.

5-Day Forecast Max Winds and Wind Duration

The day-by-day max wind forecast indicates the maximum wind gust forecasted over the next five days. Forecast wind duration in hours is also provided for each hurricane category (35 kts, 64 kts, 83 kts, 96 kts, 114 kts, and above 135 kts).

Historical Wind Gusts 

The tropical update also includes the maximum wind gusts (or wind speed if preferred) during the lifespan of the system. The wind analysis is validated whenever possible with reliable weather station data.

Forecast Flood Inundation

Flood inundation forecasts are available for the United States and are provided by the National Hurricane Center indicating storm surge categories of one foot, three feet, five feet, and over nine feet. 

Historical Radar Video 

Historical NEXRAD video can be provided by request. Typically the radar videos are created using base reflectivity, but any other parameters available with NEXRAD (base velocity, 1-hour precipitation accumulation, digital precipitation rate, etc.) can also be created.

Concerned about tropical storm wind damage?

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