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Weather Event Records

METCON's daily analysis process includes global point data for record high and low temperatures, first occurrence of temperatures below 32 F and above 90 F, number of days with temperatures above 90 F or below 32 F. Also included are heavy rainfall events and the number of days of rainfall in the past 30 days.
Click on any of the locations below to view yesterday's weather event records.

Product Description

A more detailed explanation of the weather event records produced by METCON are outlined below. If more specific information or additional data parameters are needed please contact us.
Temperature Records

Record high and record low temperatures are reported daily across the globe using climate data.

Temperature Firsts

Temperature firsts are reported daily for each season to indicate the first occurrence of temperatures below freezing (32F) and above 90F across the globe.

Temperature Counts

This Temperature counts are updated daily, reflecting the number of days a station has reported temperatures below freezing (32F) or above 90F. 

Heavy Rain 

Indicates stations that received more than 63% of their typical monthly rainfall.

Days of Rain

For each available station days of rain indicates the number of days (in the past 30 days) rainfall greater than 1mm was reported. 

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