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METCON has the ability to provide various climatological products in the form of maps, tables, and charts.  These products can be produced for any region of the globe for a specified time period per the customer's request. 

METCON offers a multitude of weather analysis products for areas across the globe.  If our current analytical products do not meet your needs please contact us and we can work with you to provide the data you need.


METCON provides long-term, weekly, daily and sub-daily forecast analyses of several meteorological parameters.  The forecasts can be supplied for any region of the globe.



Meteorological Connections, LLC (METCON)  provides tailored Geographic Information System (GIS) based weather analysis and forecasts. METCON combines historical, current, and forecast weather conditions within GIS and using GIS principles to get at the impacts of weather -- worldwide -- for crop, energy, and hydrology applications.

METCON’s focus is performing GIS statistical analysis for point locations and administrative regions (countries, states, water basins, crop areas, etc.) for seasonal weather conditions and then comparing current seasonal information against normals (decade averages)  and past seasons to develop the weather intelligence needed to provide agricultural and energy assessments.

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